Thursday, February 14, 2013

2012-13 N Nev HS Basketball

Basketball season started last Dec and I can't believe that I'm only NOW getting around to blogging about it. It's been a great season with close games, lots of action and Your Reno Camera Guy has the best seat in the house. I was there to see the Gov's Son play, the McGuire sisters dominate, another Wurm arise and I was on the court when poor Gabby Williams hurt her knee. It's been a physical fast season with all the games we broadcast being top notch.

Here's Eric getting Dan and Ethan for the pre-game with his lightweight JVC500. These two work great together and I really enjoy hearing their banter over the ear buds. The GSP network ( couldn't ask for better. Most of the time they'd get it on the first take. I always got their shot for the half time segment. I'd have to get out on the court sometimes and push in as far as I could with my camera to their position in the stands or on a platform. That's a tough shot to hold with your camera for any length of time. So I got smart and just stayed in my roller chair taking it on the court with me to help hold the shot. I think it might add a couple of years to my career.

We did all double headers this season with the Girls Varsity first around 5:30 and then the Boys at 7:30. Lots of times we worked out of the Envision ( video production van. Or as some call it -"The Fridge". I'm so glad I don't know how to run any of that gear and can stay inside on the court with my roller chair and camera.
Most of the time we got to setup court side which made our cable runs easy plus it's good to have visuals with the Director. My position was under the closest basket so I could look over, get eye contact when needed without having to interfere with their conversation. I did it most of the time when I had to hold the refs while Chris counted down or needed me to hold them longer as he rebooted the system. It helps be their eyes and hand in the air when needed.

I can't believe that with this Tricaster system we can do a live 3 camera shoot, stream it live, send it to radio live, record it onto a HD/DVD,  add replay and graphics as we're going and you've got a pretty hot show with ONLY all the gear on the table. Compact and easy to setup. Nice.

Here's our crew after a evening of work. We all work well together by keeping it fun. Fun for me is doing a quality show and having a few laughs along the way. But once the cables are coiled up and the gear is stowed all we can talk about is the next game. The play offs are around the corner down in Las Vegas, next year they'll be back up here in Reno. But since Dec 2012 to Feb 2013 Your Reno Camera Guy has been working N Nev High School Basketball and loving it!

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