Friday, May 27, 2011

Nevada State High School Baseball Championship

Hello Sports Fans! Your Reno Camera Guy spent May 20 & 21 shooting the Nevada State High School Baseball Championships in beautiful Henderson Nev at the College of S Nev. The games were played at Morse Stadium which is a wonderful complex and I of course was in my usual position over the 1st base dugout.
Once again we were not only recording the games but streaming them live on Gustin Sports Productions website ( All I can say is Dan Gustin is a real pro and did a great job of calling the games. Here's a picture of me with Dan and Eddie doing the pre-game taping.
Our whole Reno crew made the trip down to Henderson along with all of our gear. Here's our TD, Craig Moss at the production table in the press box. We used our Tri-Caster along with the Three-Play for replays of all 3 cameras. Everything went smoothly once we figured out how to get a Hip Hop radio station from blaring in my RF headset.

We used the same cameras (JVC DV500) from Eric Darensburg at Envision Video ( that we'd been using all season. They worked well and with that beautiful southern Nevada weather there were no clouds so we didn't have to mess with white balancing or changing filters during the games. Our camera guy behind home plate was none other then the fabulous Mark Cronon. I love working with Mark, he gets the job done and has fun doing it. It guess that's the mantra for our whole crew.
Well it was a great High School baseball season and I'm sad to see it come to an end but football will be starting up again at the end of Aug. Until then have a great summer and be on the lookout for other blogs because you never know what Your Reno Camera Guy will be up to next.