Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Northern Nev HS Football Season Again!

I'm happy to announce that the 2012 Northern Nev High School Football season has begun! And your Reno Camera Guy is there to capture it all. I love this time of year because football is probably my favorite sport to work in video production. As you can see from the picture above I'm stationed at the high camera again this season. I'm pretty much responsible for capturing all the action and my camera is live a good portion of the time. So I've got to bring my A game every game. I got faked out the first game of the season when Reno did the ol'fumble rooskie but I made up for it this past week when Reno tried the play again and I was on it.

We've got a few changes this season and the first is our new production truck, I mean van. It's more compact them the old RV and easier for loadin/strike.

Here's our crew during the loadin for the first game of the season. At the center is Eric Darensburg of Envision Video ( flanked by field camera op Bill on the left and replay op Jason on the right. Eric does a great job of improving our productions every year with the addition of new gear. Besides the van he's going to add new cameras - JVC HD100U's by the end of the season.

How cozy can it get in there? I hope they get some insulation before winter arrives. As you can see here's Jason on replay, Mark on graphics and our new director this season Chris (he's hidden behind Mark) who's doing a FANTASTIC job this season of calling the games. A vast improvement over past years.

Here we are on the field taping the pre-game segment just like we do before every game. Once again this season we're working for Dan Gustin of Gustin Sprots Productions ( Dan's a real pro and lots of fun to work with. This year he's added a on field reporter to complement him and the color commentator in the booth calling the game. It's worked out really well and has helped us raise the bar in the quality of our productions.
The games have been pretty entertaining early on this season. The one last Friday on 09/21/12 between Reno and McQueen was the best one so far with Reno pulling out a win late in the game.  I'll keep you updated on how the post season will shape up in future blogs but for now I'm just enjoying this time of year and being your Reno Camera Guy.