Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reno Combat 40 and Your Reno Camera Guy

On 04/13/13 I worked ringside at Reno Combat 40. Rick Collup does a great job, here's a link to his site -(
It was at the Reno Events Center which provided lots of room for the 19 bouts. It was a long night for Your Reno Camera Guy but I had fun doing my job at a hand held video camera position that I don't get to do often. Usually I'm up on top of the ring but this night I was on the floor next to the timers table.
I like this position, down low, following the fighters as they're introduced and enter the room, get patted down by the refs and begin to enter the ring. It's a long take but I like the changes in technique from catching the subject as they enter the Reno Events Center - panning there movements to the front of the ring, framing the fighter as they say good bye to entourage, remove clothing, turn to ref, hold out arms, get frisked over, show mouth piece, knock on their cup (the refs actually make them knock their own cups, and it makes a funny sound.) get okay to enter the ring. That's all me.

I'm also right next to the ring girls.
Here I am with my new best friend Dennis Hof and some of his girls from the Bunny Ranch ( He was a big sponsor of the event and a very nice guy. Everyone thought we were brothers.

Here's my fellow camera op - Stephen DeRespino working the high shot. By the end of the night he was standing up with his feet in those handle loops where his knees are in this shot. He said it was very comfortable and got him a higher angle. That's what you have to do and Stephen will do it.

Here I am in my position during the fights after both fighters have already entered the ring. Then after the fight I would enter the ring for the announcement and post interview. Lots of up and down, in and out.

Here's a couple of shots after the final championship fight of the night which was won by Oscar Ramirez. He's the one there to my left trying to hold on to his huge belt. It was a great night, another flawless production, and I can't wait for the next one. Until then that's the report from Your Camera Guy.