Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Big Knock Out at Ultimate Reno Combat 43

Here I am ringside perched above the action at Ultimate Reno Combat 43 on Aug 24th where Sinjen Smith defended his URC Lightweight title against Rob Gamble with a devastating kick to the head early in the first round. I got all the action from my position and wanted to share the video with you.

As you can see it was lights out as poor Rob Gamble lay there frozen for minutes and they couldn't get his mouth piece out because his jaw was clenched so tight. I've seen a lot of knockouts in my day but this one takes the cake. You look at the replay and you can see it was Sinjen's lower leg that got him. You can read more about this fight in the most recent Reno News & Review (http://www.newsreview.com/reno/home) there's a great cover story called "Fight Night" by Brad Bynum where he discusses this fight and talks more about Ultimate Reno Combat. But for me nothing tells the story like a video from a person who was there.