Monday, April 23, 2012

Ultimate Reno Combat 32

I had the pleasure of working Ultimate Reno Combat 32 on Friday the 13th at the GSR. Once again Rick Collup (  put together a great card with 2 title fights. 9 of 10 bouts ended in either KO or submission as URC proved once again, nobody puts on more exciting MMA shows then them. In the picture above you can see me in my position right after one of the fights. It's a birds eye view that allows me to follow all the action. I can't think of a better thing to do on Friday the 13th then spend it working as a hand held camera operator for Ultimate Reno Combat 32.

Here's a couple of shots of fellow camera op Mark in the ring. And across the way you can see Steven in a similar position to mine. We all love working sports video production but especially MMA fights.  Mark would get all the video shots of the fighters as they entered the showroom and follow them as they entered the ring. He'd also be in the ring for all the after fight interviews and announcing.

Here's a picture of ring announcer, Greg DeLong talking with Craig Moss our Director outside of our burning man production mobile. The stage at the Grand Sierra is so huge we can drive the truck onto it which really makes our cable runs short and allows for a quick setup. We streamed it live on

Here's a couple of pics of me in position and standing outside of my platform. As you can see these are deer hunting platforms that work perfect for our use.

Here's our crew with Rick Collup after the evenings entertainment. In the main event, Brandon Ricetti (5-2) defeated Jesse Romero (2-2) via TKO in round two, to become the new URC Lightweight Champion. It was a back and forth first round with the former champion mixing things up as Ricetti tried to settle in and implement his attack. In the second, after some Greco-Roman clinch work, Ricetti got a takedown on the winded Romero. From there, Ricetti took half mount and delivered a series of punches until the ref finally called a halt to the action. Ricetti's best weapon was his conditioning as the stoppage was more due to the continuation of punches rather than the strength of them. Ricetti took Romero's back and continued to punch. Romero was too tired to defend himself while Ricetti kept punching and punching until the end.

In the co-main event, Terrell Bosen (3-0) defeated Will Hinrichs (1-1) by kimura submission hold in round one to become the new URC Heavyweight Champion. Bosen is a heavy puncher with both previous wins coming via first round KO but he showed he is equally as dangerous on the ground getting a tapout victory in under a minute. Bosen attacked from the opening bell landing a huge right that dropped Hinrichs. Hinrichs got back to his feet and was able to land a takedown himself but when things hit the mat Bosen isolated Hinrichs' left arm to set up the fight ending submission. With only 3 amateur fights under his belt, the sky is the limit on how great Bosen can eventually become. 
It was another great evening of MMA fights and Your Reno Camera Guy was there to capture it all.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Corporate Video Time

My favorite thing about being a video camera operator here in Reno is all the variety of work I receive. Most of the time you know me for all the sports video and entertainment video work I do either for myself or other production companies. But last week I shot a quick talking heads video for the AGC (Association of General Contractors - here in Reno. Great people to work with and I learn something every time I do one of these. This one was about this Construction Defects Law that is running crazy here in Nev. I had know idea, google it and you'll see.

Now a Corporate Video can be many things - live Imag, opening videos, happy face videos, sales incentive videos, time lines, products/services, or testimonials like this one. With a testimonial you're basically interviewing a variety of people directly involved with the issue or person. It's a great way to present content because it's from the very people involved. You usually don't have to script them or give them a lot of coaching. It's very cost effective video production that carries a lot of power when presented correctly.

Here's Don Vetter ( from the AGC interviewing one of the four people we got on tape. As you can see it was an easy setup but you'd be surprised how many people in video production get this wrong. I've got the light high on the table next to Don so it doesn't throw a shadow on the wall behind our subject. Plus if I used a sun gun on my camera it would've been uneven and too hot. My video camera is positioned as close as I can to the subject so she looks past me towards Don and eliminates the chance of her flashing looks at me. We also switched the side we were shooting from for each subject just to add variety and mix up the shots. A lighter background with some color in it is best so the subject doesn't get lost in the darkness. Plus I didn't have a back light so this background was perfect. A wired lav mic is all you need, just keep it dressed to hide the cable and positioned somewhere below the neck centered as best you can.

I've done a ton of these videos and the hardest part is to make people feel comfortable and get them to just talk naturally. Once they get going it works like a charm and like I said it can be a very powerful video because their own words are best. Don did a great job of interacting with the subjects, keeping them relaxed, focused on the issue and their stories. All I do is capture it on tape because I'm the Reno Camera Guy doing some Corporate Video here in Washoe County.

Monday, April 9, 2012

2012 NIAA High School Baseball Season Begins!

Once again it's spring time in Reno with the snow falling so it must be the start of High School Baseball season! Here's Your Reno Camera Guy working the 3rd base sideline during one of our recent GSP (Gustin Sports Productions) games of the week. I usually sit in center field but the configuration of this ball park wouldn't allow that so I got placed next to the 3rd base dugout. It kept most of the snow off of me but didn't keep the foul balls from coming my way as one hit a leg on my tripod and snapped off the foot. Good thing it didn't hit my foot! The JVC 500's that Envision Video uses are light weight and easy to get all the action. As a camera op I keep my eye to the view finder but occasionally look up to see where the ball is going.

Here's Eric of Envision Video setting up the field mic right behind home plate. Good position for catching all the noise on the field but a bad place to be for stray foul balls. Every now and then a ball will hit the mic or close to it which really pops the ears of everyone listening.
Eric takes a break to pose with me. I like working for Eric as a Video Camera Operator here in Reno, we get consistent work and also enjoy the outdoor elements!

Here's fellow camera op Janos. We've known each other since Boy Scouts and he just moved to Reno so I'm putting him to work. You can see by the way he's dressed that he'll fit in nicely here in Reno. Janos had the 1st base side and got all the right handed batters. I got all the left handed ones. It was fun switching off camera angles, it keeps you on your toes and makes you follow the action.

The sun came out as I'm the center field camera operator for this game. It's peaceful out there as I stand on top of Craig's truck supported by a saggy piece of plywood. My shot was pretty much a lock down on the pitcher and batter but every now and then I'd have to break away to follow a fly ball. We run a 500 ft cable out to center field and pray that it works so I don't have to run it twice. I'll operate my JVC 500 on batteries and maybe have to swap them out once a game. The good news is I'm working as a video camera operator here in Reno, the weather is typical Reno weather, I'm out side, I'm watching baseball, and I'm Your Reno Camera Guy.