Sunday, October 21, 2012

AV Guy for CANA Fall Meeting

Yes I'm a AV Guy Too!
I've got this great client called CANA (California Association of Nurse Anesthetists - and let me tell you they're the best! I just got done doing their Fall Meetings in Pasadena CA at the Langham Hotel. What a fast and fun 3 days it was. I did all the AV for them which I know might come as a shock for some of you but AV comes naturally for me because I've been doing it for so long. And CANA understands the importance of having your own AV guy onsite. Not only do I save them money but they also have my full undivided attention, all the time. So think of me next time you need an AV Guy!

The General Session Room
The General Sessions all took place in this large ballroom and all I had was a large 7.5x10 rear projection screen for ppt/dvd's, 4 speaker sound system, wireless mics, few fixed mics, walkin music, logo projection, computer interface, pretty straight forward stuff but I love it. I drove in all the gear from ICON Presentations ( in Thousand Palms CA (near Palm Springs). They've got great service and worked it to my budget. I used them for the Spring meeting we had in Palm Springs last March and they did me right. Will use them again and again.

Side Gig at the Westin !

I did this side gig for them on Sat night at the Westin down the street. Sound system, wireless mic, projector/screen, video playback, and the usual gak! Here a couple of pictures of before the show and during the show (see the guy onstage playing the guitar). I love that stuff.

The Client !!!
The most important thing about doing AV for someone like CANA is having a great working relationship with the person calling all the shots. And for me it's this person, my client - Mary Davis. She makes my life so easy that I look forward to the next CANA event which is March 8-10 2013 in Monterey CA. I love being the AV Guy! Thank you Mary and all of CANA!!!!