Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Center Field at the Reno Aces

Hi Sports Fans it's your Reno Camera Guy blogging you from center field at the Reno Aces (http://web.minorleaguebaseball.com/index.jsp?sid=t2310) I got called in to work for them last Thursday, July 14th. It's a great gig and I love being in center field. I pretty much had a locked down static shot of the picher and home plate most of the evening. Every now and then I'd have to break away for crowd shots for the smile cam, dance cam and such, but over all it was a lot of fun.

The hardest part was just lugging the gear all the way out to center field, right above the 410 mark. Even though I'm standing there working with a headset on people walking by still stop and ask questions like I've got nothing else to do. I smile at them and chat if I'm not busy but usually I give them the old "I'm working" and point at my headset like someone is talking to me even though they aren't. The great thing about center field besides the fan interaction is that you can see everything and have a great view of the whole ball park.

The only challenge I had was as the sun slowly set over the Sierra's I had to white balance my camera about 4 different times and changed my filter once. Good thing the Aces had their bright white pants on. I just pushed in on the center fielder whenever I needed to. It's a real challenge for the TD to keep all the cameras matched when you go from full on sun at the begining of the game to stadium lights by the end. But he pulled it off and all was good. Thank you Aces for giving me the call to work but that's what I do because I'm your Reno Camera Guy. Living the life in Center Field.

Monday, July 11, 2011

MMA Fight Night (7/8/11) with Your Reno Camera Guy

Well here's Your Reno Camera Guy ringside once again for another MMA fight. It took place last Friday, July 8th, 2011, at Harrah's in downtown Reno. As you can see I'm happy to be there. I love working MMA fights, especially when they have beautiful dancers shaking it in between rounds.
This was the first fight promoted by Fight Republic (http://www.facebook.com/fightrepublic) and they did a great job. The fights moved along nicely and I heard they had to turn away 100's of people because they didn't have enough room. I'm sure they'll fix that for next time.
I was once again I was perched up on a 10ft ladder high above the action. I love it when the fighters get on the floor right below me and I have to hang out and hold a 40lb camera over the ring.
The ring announcer was the charming Michael Gonzalez from Sacramento. He has a big voice and was able to hold the audiences attention when he needed to. He had a lot of fun with everyones names and kept the show flowing.

Here I am at the ring entrance. The Harrah's crew did a nice job of lighting the whole room. They gave it lots of different looks and perfect video levels.

Here I am taking a break from all the heat on top of the ladder as Michael announces the next fight. I was up high enough to be out of the audience's line of sight but unfortunately I had a couple of par cans hitting the back of my head and neck causing me to sweet like I was really working hard.
The dancing girls were so nice to pose with me after the fight considering I was in their faces most of the night with my camera. But they looked great on the Imag screens and the audience loved them. So please take note all you other MMA promoters that dancing girls in between rounds should be standard fare for all quality MMA fights. The funniest thing of all was when my girlfriend turned on my camera the next day and this picture came up. It's my job, I'm the Reno Camera Guy.