Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Perched High for Fight Republic 6

Hello sports fans! Your Reno Camera Guy here and once again it's time for my monthly MMA fight which took me to Harrah's Reno ( this time for Fight Republic 6 ( A great night of bouts full of action.
Here I am standing ringside with Envision Video ( owner, Eric Darensburg. As you know I love being a camera op for MMA fights because you can't get any closer to the action then my position. Checkout my own personal cage below.

Here's my perch that I have to access from a 12ft ladder. My head is only a foot or two from the ceiling and it gets hot up there with all those lights. The toughest part is once you're up there there's no coming down until the end of the evenings bouts. So I make plenty of trips to the bathroom before I ascend my camera position.

This is the view from my perch. As you can see it's totally unobstructed which is good for a camera operator. The only problem is that the angle is pretty steep and when the action is right below me it's hard to hold that camera out for any length of time. I make do and tough it out, you can lean against the railing for support so it's not that bad.

I know this picture is kind of dark but you can see Eric in the same camera position across from me. They should really lower these perches so the top is even with the top of the cage but hey I'm just a camera guy. Thank you Fight Republic for providing the work and a great nights entertainment. I love being your Reno Camera Guy!

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